I know

How do we know that something is the case?

Using “the case” avoids associations that arise with “true” but truth is the point. How do I know that something is true? More precisely, how can I hold an idea in my head that represents a situation outside my head accurately?

It’s raining…

An obvious starter but there’s scope. Perhaps I hear what I think is rain but it’s the radio or it’s 2053 and I’ve subscribed to the rain forest channel in RealDef so the walls present that environment. Perhaps my definition of rain is not the same as the Meteorological Office but if I know what I mean by rain and that’s what I think it is, that’s good enough for me to know it is. In any case I can test what I think I know with further examination and come to know if it’s raining to the degree I care. I can define that what’s happening now as raining and if you agree, we can share that truth.

They loves you…

Using a singular “they” over s/he. There are clear cases, the billions ignorant of you don’t, and where it’s unclear. Like for rain there are tests to the degree you care and perhaps you have a clear case where you’d say it’s true. But it wasn’t always and it will come to an end so it is transient. However, at the end, for those where it matters to you, you’ll know won’t you?

God loves you…

in the absence of tests. “God is with us today,” said a mother to her son as a bus pulled up as they arrived at the stop. And many know, to the degree they care, that there’s a god and he loves them. And many share the truth.


You want to hold a representation of the world in your head? You wish to arrange your neurons and synapses such a way? Or do what with your soul, if you own such a gizmo, that it holds that representation? Will you then relate to that internal representation in order to “know” the external situation?

You know nothing of rain, of their love nor of a god. You are shuffling old scripts to make new.

You know nothing.

Say “rain” when you are wet, “love” when you feel it. But “God”? What is that nonsense word you are babbling?

(the “you” is probably not you)

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