Damascene Moment on Abortion

… or how I finally got rid of more of the Japanesus Chrinotweed infesting by brain

First off, this is not a man pronouncing on abortion for the benefit of womankind. More the realisation of how deep spiritual dualism can bury itself into thought long after it’s been rejected.

Age 14, RE lesson from Father Cooper.

A woman with nine children goes to the doctor.

“Doctor!” she implores, “I’m pregnant again! Is there anything you can do?”
“An abortion do you mean?”
“I just have too many children! I can’t cope!”
“Why not kill one of your other children?” he suggests.
“Oh I couldn’t do that,” she cries, “that would be murder!”

As far as I remember that was the extent of the debate we had. Honestly, I didn’t have strong feelings about abortion then; it didn’t seem relevant.

FF to now…

I’m resigned and signed up to it being the woman’s choice. I think about the absurd interpretation of cause and effect. He wanted it with passion now she’s got the morality laser on her? The pontification of the millisecond before and after of that magic moment when the one lucky sperm buries into the egg and POW! IT IS LIFE!

And yet, I am bugged by life being precious so how can anyone end that potentiality. More accurately bugged by not having scalpel precision of when. Inception? Heartbeat? NN weeks? Up until the life is viable without mother’s aid?

But then I realise…

Oh for heaven’s sake I’m still associating mysticism with life. Scrap that. Piss off Jesus.

It’s so simple. The mother HAS that magical power. She has the wand, the ring, the womb. She is the Author – she has the Authority. Obviously her choice until it need not be. Obvious to women I guess.

Additionally, interesting that women have this magic power, priests don’t yet they jealously rob women of the right to exercise the power they have.



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